Geico Go Get help

This was the biggest commercial project in the last year. Again a team effort, together with Sabine, Jamie, Udesh and our producer Sumer, we were given the task to create 4 Geico spots in a pretty short period of time. This spot was the first one we did entirely in Nuke, and we did all in-house on our own. We were first of all asked to replace all the backgrounds, and make them a real desert like landscape. Luckily I had been at the Salt Flats in Bonneville not long ago and had taken enough photos to create a desert looking environment from a lot of different angles.
So there Sabine and I started to create the backplates while TraceVFX did the roto work for us. When that was done it was kind of easy to blend in all the new backgrounds and by adding a lot of Stock footage to the plates, we finally got the look right to sell the illusion of being in a remote steaming hot desert.


Cudos to all the artists on this job


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