I am very proud to announce that I was part of the OSCAR winning VFX Team of the latest Scorsesee Movie – HUGO


Even more so that I was working on some of the major shots of the movie, including the massive virtual camera move into the train station, which opened the film.

Hugo started as a real challenge…as we were doing trailer and then temp comps and after that stressful weeks we started over again to push the quality up a bar to go for final. In that time the team grew on a daily basis, electricity went down twice until we even moved to a brand new office building and one day 5 of our best compers got stuck in the smallest elevator I have  ever been (and believe me, I will never ever use a lift anymore) . So all in all a chaotic time, but still, one of the greatest experiences in my life.

As this is about EYE CANDY , I do not want to talk too much. Enjoy my Hugo reel and the breakdowns. I may have touched more shots on that film, but I picked only a few shots to give you an idea (some of the shots were touched by a couple of people as this was a really really big CG stereo production).

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